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Factory Automation

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2017-02-07Pumping station optimisation saves energy, reduces leaks and reduces TCO - An upgrade of the water treatment and water supply system in Samara, Russia, has seen the implementation of innovative software-driven process optimisation built on Mitsubishi Electric MAPS SCADA. The optimisation and control solution implemented across 37 boosting pumping stations has improved operational efficiencies, reduced leaks and reduced total cost of ownership.Więcej
2017-01-12New C80 CPU unit enables full CNC production line integration - The new C80 CNC CPU unit mounts alongside an iQ-R Series PLC’s existing modules, allowing nanometre scale control over machine tool functions. When applied as part of an iQ-R Platform it contributes toward integrated control over an entire manufacturing production line. Not only does this improve overall performance, but due to ease of integration and a common programming environment -GX Works3...Więcej
2017-01-10Web server functionality and 100Mbit Ethernet interface available with Mitsubishi Electric Inverter FR-A800-E - Mitsubishi Electric is set to launch the latest addition to its FR-A800 inverter drives in Europe this year. It is based on its FR-A800 series variable speed drives with an integrated web server and 100Mbit Ethernet TCP/IP connectivity as standard. Więcej
2017-01-05Mitsubishi Electric enables a holistic approach to predictive maintenance - Mitsubishi Electric has further developed its condition monitoring technology for predictive maintenance. The solution builds on the capabilities of add-on smart sensors by integrating them with an intelligent sensor controller for a more holistic approach to condition monitoring. Więcej
2017-01-03Mitsubishi Electric’s e-F@ctory Alliance is growing – APT Automation becomes the latest member - Mitsubishi Electric has recently welcomed APT Automation as member of the e-F@ctory Alliance. They are a key provider of automation and production technology solutions. The two businesses collaborate closely to address industry challenges such as improved productivity, increased overall equipment effectiveness and greater production line flexibility.Więcej
2017-01-19Pierwsze w historii szkolenie z robotów przemysłowych dostępne online! cz. IIWięcej
2017-01-18Pierwsze w historii szkolenie z robotów przemysłowych dostępne online! cz. IWięcej
2017-01-1810 najważniejszych powodów, dla których wciąż potrzebujemy sterowników PLC – Dlaczego potrzebujemy sterowników PLC? Dlaczego nadal są na topie wśród licznych opcji sterowań? Zachęcamy do przeczytania artykułu.Więcej
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e-F@ctory - Twoja droga do Przemysłu 4.0 – Podczas targów Automaticon 2017 Zapraszamy Państwa w podróż do Przemysłu 4.0.

Pierwsze w historii szkolenie z robotów przemysłowych dostępne online!

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