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2018-11-21 – Mitsubishi Electric wins €1.5 million MV installation contract for new WTE facility

The contract for the supply of a turnkey medium voltage (MV) Electrical Balance of Plant solution for a new waste-to-energy (WTE) facility in Flintshire, North Wales has been awarded to Mitsubishi Electric. The scope of the project includes engineering, installation and commissioning services.

2018-10-04 – UCB life scientists use robots to test cells by the billion

An automated primary antibody screening workcell for early stage development of potential new treatments for central nervous system and immunology disorders has been designed and constructed for UCB S.A. by Peak Analysis and Automation (PAA) Ltd. Built around a Mitsubishi Electric robot, the workcell speeds up the process of antibody discovery by allowing the screening of billions of antibody.

2017-02-07 – Pumping station optimisation saves energy, reduces leaks and reduces TCO

An upgrade of the water treatment and water supply system in Samara, Russia, has seen the implementation of innovative software-driven process optimisation built on Mitsubishi Electric MAPS SCADA. The optimisation and control solution implemented across 37 boosting pumping stations has improved operational efficiencies, reduced leaks and reduced total cost of ownership.

2016-06-28 – Art with a modern twist

What would man be without the theatre? Without art, without actors, without shows. Art is food for our soul. It helps us to travel in time, for example back to ancient Greece, where the theatre was born. Operas, operettas, theatrical shows, ballet: they have the power to spark many emotions in us, the full gamut from joy through to sorrow. And now, a new question: What would modern-day theatre ...

2016-06-14 – Waterworks upgrade supports regional economic regeneration

A water treatment works (WTW) in South Wales has had its control system completely upgraded, without any disruption of supply to the 70,000 people it serves. The new control system is built around automation equipment from Mitsubishi Electric that has delivered increased reliability and performance, which in turn has allowed the plant to achieve its maximum processing capacity.

2016-06-02 – Biomass-fired CHP station depends on PMSXpro process control system

After a construction period of 18 months, operation has begun on a modern German, biomass-fired combined heating and power station. Every year, the giant heating boiler burns around 90,000 tonnes of biomass in the form of old and used wood at temperatures of up to 1100°C. Horst Endter, Product Manager, ME-Automation Projects GmbH, a sister company of Mitsubishi Electric, describes the...

2016-04-19 – Mitsubishi Electric Variable speed drives deliver big energy savings for Irish mushroom producer

When one of the largest mushroom producers in Ireland, Codd Mushrooms, looked at how to save energy within its factory chilled water system, and at the same time boost reliability, it turned to Mitsubishi Electric and its systems integrator partner MPAC for a solution. The resulting PLC based control system using Mitsubishi Electric variable speed drives to control the various pumps and systems ..

2016-03-03 – Robot keeps Newtech at the cutting edge of cake slicing

When automation OEM Newtech looked to design a new ultrasonic cutting machine for the bakery industry, it turned to Mitsubishi Electric for a fast, efficient, flexible and clean robotic solution. The result is an innovative machine design that can cut cakes to the highest levels of precision, working flexibly for different portion sizes and quantities, and eliminating problems of damaged product.

2016-02-18 – Fit for the future with intelligent condition monitoring

Team of experts realises condition-oriented maintenance strategy on a large scale for the production of specialist papers. Whether it is in the form of sales receipts, bank statements, entrance tickets or tickets of any type, thermal paper is everywhere. The paper gets its special characteristics from a special coating known in the trade as a "coat". Around 300 tons of thermal paper goes ...

2016-02-02 – Updating the process control technology for supplying water from Lake Constance

The Lake Constance Water Supply Association provides a reliable supply of drinking water to four million inhabitants in 320 towns and municipalities by taking water from Lake Constance. The drinking water is produced at Sipplinger Berg and then transported via a pipeline network 1700 kilometres long to the 181 members of the association.

2015-08-05 – Mitsubishi FA Integrated Solutions: Honda Motor Co., Ltd., a Customer Case Study

Honda have their main mother factory at Yorii in Japan. Many of their new production concepts are trialed there before being exported to their local manufacturing plants around the world. For the complete story of how Mitsubishi Electric and Honda worked together to create a new factory wide control architecture please download the press release.

2015-07-14 – Mitsubishi FA Integrated Solutions: Nitto Denko Corporation, a Customer Case Study

Retrofitted modules reduce fire risk through leakage monitoring of existing installed electrical devices and wiring; safety is improved and long term maintenance cost’s reduced. At Nitto Denko Corporation’s Kameyama Plant 2, Mitsubishi Electric’s general-purpose PLC MELSEC-Q Series insulation monitoring module “QE82LG” has been used to monitor electrical devices and wiring for insulation...

2015-07-02 – PMSX®pro and the Wiesbaden "Hellfire"

After a construction period of just one and a half years, operation has begun in the modern, biomass-fired combined heating and power station at Wiesbaden, capital city of Hessen. Every year, the giant heating boiler burns around 90,000 tonnes of biomass in the form of old and used wood at temperatures of up to 1100 °C. A real "hellfire", to quote Wolfgang Zieger, Managing Director ....

2015-03-10 – Thermoformer Packaging Machine Provides Best-In-Class Performance with Reliable Mitsubishi Electric MELSEC-L Series PLC

When VC999 Packaging Systems developed their i-Series thermoformer in 2009, a unique and innovative design concept was unveiled to deliver high performance operation. The new design would make the i-Series more flexible and easy to use for customers to manufacture a variety of plastic trays or blister packages using just one machine. For easy assembly and disassembly, the i-Series Thermoformer ...

2014-12-16 – Preventative condition monitoring in the sewage treatment plant

Nearly everyone uses this facility every day: 99 percent of households in Germany are connected to a sewage treatment plant. Sewage treatment plants purify our waste water to such an extent that it can be returned into rivers and waterways safely, and thus put back into the water circulation. The plants carry out this task non-stop, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The basic precondition is...

2014-10-07 – Mitsubishi Electric causes a stir in white sauce production

British process and automation expertise has helped one of Japan’s largest food producers to cut white sauce production time by 83%, reduce cleaning between batches because there is no burn-on residue and minimise energy consumption. PDX Reactor technology was integrated with Mitsubishi Electric equipment to create a 1200kg plant that produces the sauce in a single-stage process.

2014-09-16 – Mitsubishi Electric robot emulates intuitive human cake icing movements

Solving a long-standing automation problem in cake decoration has also produced a groundbreaking development that could be taken up across a whole range of other industries. Quasar Automation wanted to create a system that can neatly apply icing or other embellishments to cakes regardless of irregularities and imperfections in the cakes’ surface. To achieve this they have integrated ...

2014-08-26 – Simple control solution for fully automated paper-processing machine

Located in New Berlin, Wisconsin, Premier Paper Converting Machinery has expertise in stripping, partition assembly, and slitting machineries used to manufacture and assemble corrugated or fibreboard partitions of different sizes and finishes. These partitions serve as dividers to protect delicate items, ranging from bottles of wines to cryogenic vials, during shipping and storage.

2014-07-09 – Mitsubishi Electric solution controls new £17m showpiece Llwyn Onn water treatment works from inlet-to-outlet

The Dee Valley Water (DVW) project to build a new water treatment works at its flagship site, Llwyn Onn in North Wales, has now been completed. The £17M project was officially opened in March 2014 by the Minister for Natural Resources and Food, Alun Davies and is controlled by a Mitsubishi Electric system redundant, Q series modular PLC solution. The new works has been operational since August2013

2014-06-24 – Handling syringes on a minimal footprint

Special modular solution: coordinated syringe handling by Mitsubishi Electric robots The pharmaceutical industry sets high standards in respect of hygiene, quality and performance, and these standards apply to pharmaceutical packing facilities too. Space is also often at a premium in production plants, chiefly due to how they have grown historically, and new additions to the machinery stock...

2014-05-08 – Pacemaker with a sense of rhythm

Mitsubishi Electric robots and servos ensure the correct handling speed on a minimal footprint. The contract packer of an international pharmaceutical company based in Germany was seeking a solution for the supply and packing of vials of different sizes for an existing system, but barely two square metres of floor space was available to add this facility on....

2014-04-24 – Ice age - small inverter, big impact

Mitsubishi Electric frequency inverter with stall prevention ensures improved efficiency and performance in traditional ice cream production. Whatever the flavour – a classic such as vanilla, strawberry or chocolate or an experimental flavour such as orange-basil, lime blossom-caramel or sour cream-cress – the important thing is that the ice cream parlour will always be able to serve creamy...

2014-01-01 – Mega project uses Mitsubishi Electric controls to improve Sussex coast water quality

One of the most ambitious wastewater treatment projects in Europe, designed to process several towns’ wastewater and improve water quality along the Sussex coast, has been speeded along because of the ease of integration of Mitsubishi Electric control equipment.

2013-11-23 – Mitsubishi Electric PLCs provide control heart of AGVs at automotive engine block assembly plant

A leading automotive manufacturer is benefiting from increased production in its engine block assembly thanks to the use of automated guided vehicles (AGV) to transfer components to different stations within the assembly process. Key to the design operation of the AGVs are the modular MELSEC L series PLCs from Mitsubishi Electric.

Uwaga: wszystkie teksty oraz ilustracje są własnością Mitsubishi Electric i są chronione prawami autorskimi. Mogą one być dowolnie używane pod warunkiem, że są przeznaczone do sprawozdań i informacji na temat Mitsubishi Electric lub naszych produktów. Użycie tych tekstów i ilustracji do innych celów niż cele prasowe lub publikacje radiowe wymaga naszej wyraźnej zgody.

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