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Factory Automation

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Factory Automation

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Mitsubishi Electric Invests in Akribis Systems Pte Ltd - Mitsubishi Electric, by integrating its servo systems and other industrial automation products with Akribis' product lineup, aims to meet increasing needs for high specification, high precision manufacturing. Typically needed for products utilizing new technologies such as 5G to meet the demand generated by IoT related business.
SPS 2019 - Preview - Gaining a competitive edge with automation solutions - The solutions on show will include Predictive Maintenance, Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) and increasingly collaborative robotics – all of which are designed to improve production. Help in handling big data using edge computing will feature prominently, in addition to the wider application of AI for improved machine and systems intelligence.
Cost efficient handling of variable batch sizes with a flexible robot cell - Sensor manufacturer Lenord + Bauer has used robot automation to optimise its manufacturing production cycle for frequent product changeovers and a wide variety of batch sizes. The solution is flexible, efficient and provides integration into the company’s higher-level enterprise systems. This is an ideal platform for future developments such as the planed implementation of a Kanban warehouse.
Mitsubishi Electric Announces New Branch President Mitsubishi Electric Announces New Branch President Mitsubishi Electric Announces New Branch Preside - From 1st April 2019 Mr. Wojciech Wąsik has taken the position of Branch President at the Polish Branch of Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V. (Sp. z o.o.). Mr. Wąsik takes over the position of Mr. Yutaka Oyaizu .
Six times more thermoforming packaging machines can fit into the same space - The new Shawpak thermoforming packaging machine developed by Riverside Medical Packaging allows manufacturers to replace a 20m long packing line with a single unit under 2m in length. A compact integrated control system developed by Mitsubishi Electric is key to optimising the machine’s performance while keeping within a small target size envelope.

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